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Launch of the Moving Image Library in Almere

On October 3rd 2002, the official launch of the Moving Image Library took take place in the Voetnoot theatre alongside the Library of Almere.

The manager of the Library of Almere, Mr. Herman Heemskerk, welcomed the audience in a fully packed theatre. Following were presentations of invited speakers Professor Dr. Peter Werkhoven, CEO of TNO Multimedia, Drs. Mary Dankbaar (Cinop) and H. Faber, layman of Almere.

Drs. Mary Dankbaar explained the term ‘Blended Learning’ and why schools and companies nowadays choose this type of education. She looked also at the rate of success of this implementation. Furthermore she pointed out new ICT trends in the education sector.

Professor Werkhoven says: "The Moving Image Library offers visitors a futuristic cinematic discovery through past and present. "He started out his presentation with an overview of the past, present and future of multimedia. Dr. Werkhoven talked about pioneers in the early beginnings, like visionary Vannevar Bush, to some ideas on future developments. Regarding these developments, he mentioned in particular the ‘translation’ from one medium to the other (i.e. from sound to image), the development of the autobiographical multimedia and the future interfaces between man and information systems.

Digital Film Center presented the Moving Image Library on big screen. Students of the secondary school Helen Parkhurst tried to answer questions about the films, in a quiz held on stage for the audience. To great surprise and delight of all present the reward was worth the effort: a chance on a brand new bike, with compliments of bicycle factory Gazelle Holland. After an exciting neck-to-neck race, Erwin Prins, inhabitant of the city of Almere, was the lucky winner of the bike. Layman H. Faber of Almere presented the cheque ‘for a made-to-measure personalised bike’ to him. Mr. Faber also officially closed the informative and festive day. Afterwards the guests enjoyed some drinks and food in celebration of the launch of the Moving Image Library in Almere.

Professor Dr. Peter Werkhoven
As of 1994 Peter Werkhoven held various positions at the TNO. During that time he was in charge of many research projects in the areas of Virtual Reality, mediated communication and man-machine interfaces. He has published over 40 scientific papers and over 30 scientific TNO-reports. In November 2000 he was appointed director of TNO Multimedia and Telecommunications. Since September 2001 he is professor in “multimedia interaction” (in part time) at the University of Amsterdam.

Drs. Mary Dankbaar
Drs. Mary Dankbaar is senior advisor at CINOP (Centre for Innovation and Education). She advisees companies and schools in the field of e-learning and knowledge management. She has published articles on e-learning and knowledge management, like ‘Kennismanagement; leerprocessen organiseren in werkomgevingen”, M.Dankbaar en E.Oprins (red). CINOP Expertisecentrum 2002.
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