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All go for Moving Image Cyclopaedia in Kenniswijk

The Moving Image Cyclopaedia is validated as an innovative broadband service: Digital Film Center received the go-ahead for realising the Moving Image Cyclopaedia in ‘Kenniswijk’ in Eindhoven, in the library of the City of Eindhoven and in the library of the City of Helmond, from the Ministry of Transportation and Telecom. Schools will be co-operating, and benefiting from the project. Important is the fiber infrastructure that will allow distributing and supplying of the filmic products to members at their homes.
At the end of 2003, the content-on-demand will be made available to the users in Kenniswijk.

About Kenniswijk
Kenniswijk BV coordinates and facilitates a professional and realistic environment for experiments – the Kenniswijk market – for services and infrastructure in the field of (broadband) internet and (mobile) communication. Thanks to Kenniswijk about 40.000 households in Eindhoven and Helmond are able to use the innovative services two years in advance of the rest of the Netherlands. Companies are stimulated through subsidies to develop new services and have the opportunity to test these innovations in directly in the Kenniswijk market. Also, suppliers of infrastructure are stimulated to implement broadband internet in the Kenniswijk market. This becomes more attractive by the broadband subsidies offered to consumers. Kenniswijk also plays an important part in researching social and economic effects of ICT. Kenniswijk is an initiative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The execution is the responsibility of Kenniswijk BV, of which public and private parties are shareholders.

More information on Kenniswijk and its activities be found on the website:
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