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DFC presents DVD Thomson super slowmotion HS camera

Digital Film Center was commissioned by multinational Thomson Multimedia to produce the informative DVD on Thomson’s new triple-scan high speed camera, the LDK23 HS MKII. The DVD was received with satisfaction by Thomson Camera Division & Netherlands Sales Organisation in Breda (formerly Philips BTS). Digital Film Center has strong affinity with the more than 70 years long operating company and has great esteem for Thomson’s continuosly qualitative and innovative products and service within the international multimedia industry.

The DFC produced DVD provides information on the specific qualities of the LDK23 HS MKII, contributes with a list of technical specifcatioins and offers an impressive showreel of pictures and camerashots.

The LDK 23HS MKII was presented first on the IBC 2001 in Amsterdam, and is a new version of the well-proven LDK 23HS High-Speed camera. It offers exciting extra features enabling unrestricted slowmotion replay of sporting action, including artificially lit indoor shots.

When its predecessor, the LDK 23HS camera, was introduced in 1998 it created a sensation. The camera was widely used during the World Cup in France that year as a testing ground, and audiences around the world were amazed at the exceptional quality of close-up, slow-motion playback of fast action. The ‘secret’ to such perfectly clear playback is in the camera’s triple-speed image acquisition, by which the action is scanned at three times the normal 50 or 60 Hz frame rate (150 Hz and 180 Hz respectively), allowing the camera to capture details that other cameras cannot. The camera is generally acknowledged as the industry ‘gold’ standard for super slow motion. In addition to the wide range of controls featured on the previous model, the new MKII version also has saturation control on all analog and digital outputs, as well as on the digital high-speed link to the disk recorder.

With sales of Euro 10.5 billion in 2001 and over 73,000 employees in over 30 countries, Thomson is the fourth worldwide supplier of consumer electronics productsand technology for the professionals of the entertainment and media industries. Thomson has five principal activities:

Digital Media Solutions
Displays and Components
Consumer Products
Patents and Licensing
New Media and Services

More information on Thomson cameras can be found on website:
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