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DFC presents DVD Macedonian 'Manaki Brothers'

In accordance to the aims of AVEureka in supporting the South Eastern European film sector, Digital Film Center followed up on the request to digitise film content from the Cinematheque of Macedonia (National Film Archive). The fruitful cooperation resulted in a successful production of the DVD ‘The Manaki Brothers’. This initiative was first established in November 2002, during the 5th Eureka Screenings in Skopje, Macedonia.

Floris Kolvenbach handed over the DVD ‘Manaki’ on the 14th December 2002 in Amsterdam to AVEureka’s Miss Mimi Gjorgoska. Miss Gjogorska represents the F.Y. Republic of Macedonia during its 2002 presidency of the AVEureka organisation.

The English and Macedonian language DVD ‘Manaki’ shows a collection of the Manaki brothers’ films, some of the first moving images of life in Macedonia. Janaki (1878-1954) and Milton (1882-1964) Manaki created a film and photo opus carrying a great significance for the history of Macedonian and European cinematography.
Most of all, the films of the Manakis form a vital part of the cultural and historical collective memory of the republic of Macedonia. Starting with the 1905 short film of ‘Grandmother Despina, aged 114, spinning’, the DVD presents the most important Manaki productions. Furthermore, it offers a series of the brothers’ equally important photographs, dating back to the late nineteenth century. The Manaki brothers’ life is laid out in the ‘history’ chapter.

You can visit the official webpage of the Cinematheque of Macedonia:
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