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DFC talk for Eureka Screenings Congress in Skopje

‘The conservation of cinema heritage in film archives’ was the theme of Floris Kolvenbach’s presentation in a round table meeting, during the 5th Eureka Screenings, held from the 30th of October to 3rd of November 2003 in Skopje, F.Y. Republic of Macedonia.
Due to Digital Film Center’s expertise and knowledge on digitising film archive’s content, AVEureka had invited Mr. Kolvenbach to share his insights to the community of international professionals and interested gathered in the presence of the Ministry of Culture’s Head of the Department for Theater and Film, Mr. Branko Petrovski, and Director of the Cinematheque of Macedonia (National Film Archive), Miss Vesna Maslovarik. Kolvenbach’s contribution was part of the first South Eastern European "Media" Conference in Skopje.

This high-level congress is aimed at encouraging interregional, cross-border cooperation in the fields of development, production and promotion of film and audiovisual programs in South-Eastern Europe.

After the presentation Floris Kolvenbach met with Directors of European National Film Archives. Digital Film Center returned from the congress with the request to put to practice the congress’ aims of establishing multi-cultural co-operations, examination of trans-national and sector-related issues and the support of cultural initiatives in South Eastern Europe. With that request Digital Film Center and the Cinematheque of Macedonia (National Film Archive) have established a working relation, starting with the digitising by Digital Film Center of some of the works of Macedonian cinema pioneers the Manaki Brothers.

Audiovisual Eureka is a pan-European inter-governmental organisation which has 35 member countries as well as the European Commission and the Council of Europe as associate members. This initiative was launched in 1989 in Paris on the occasion of the European Audiovisual Conference with a main mission to contribute to the development of a vast European area for co-operation and exchanges in the audiovisual sector. Since 1996 the Organisation has concentrated on activities to the benefit of the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe in the perspective of bringing them closer to the European Union and the Council of Europe audiovisual policy and support programmes
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