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DRights LogoServices related to DFC are: legal services by DRights BV and annotation services by VISAN foundation.
Annotations or meta-data creation are important added value to the collection.

Special conditions and tariffs will be offered in the co-operation between our databank and institutions.
Otherwise bulky works will be handled in fixed price, fixed date, fixed delivery projects based upon our price-list 2003.

VISAN (Foundation for Visual Annotations) is originated as an institute in 1998 by Nieuwland Training & Education and Digital Film Center Europe and is partially funded by the European Social Fund.
Every year teams are trained to become specialists in all aspects of meta-data creation.
From the logistics of film to cleaning, to re-can, to re-roll, to telecine, to digital storage, and all the stages in between the trainees learn the job by doing. Teachers give instructions for software usage and experts bring valuable experience to the classroom. Historians, Legal people, Film Scientists, Film Amateurs with an academic background from different countries all over the world, women, elderly people, creative people all get inspired by the VISAN approach. To learn about thesauri, libraries, drama, scripts, scenarios, dramaturgy, film technology, copyright in fact any background education can be placed.

After their studies, the trainees are subject to outplacement in several projects for further training on the job and completion of the learning curve. The creation of meta-data with available software packages is a very important element in the process of content enrichment. Without the profound knowledge of these teams created by VISAN, the audio-visual encyclopaedia of the world would never become a reality. The VISAN teams contribute to the management of the assets of digitised cultural heritage information products, fully equipped that work at your site, on line or at DFCEU premises to annotate and enrich your information and bring years of expertise and know-how, instrumentation and logistics to the project.

For further information please contact our sales department:info@digfilm.nl

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