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DRights: Digital Rights and Licensing

DRightsLicensing and Distribution
DRights BV offers licensing contracts for parties to co-operate with Digital Film Center Europe Databank, to digitise materials, to exploit materials, to re-use materials, to post-produce materials, to store materials, to distribute materials and so on.

DRights BV prepared contracts for several occasions, with institutions such as The Netherlands Film Museum, Royal Netherlands Institute for the Tropics, TV Toys Museum, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, Österreichischer Rundfunk, Oxfam, Cameo TV, Dreessens, Peace Corps USA, Wijsmuller / Concorde, Wolters Noordhoff, Fokker Heritage Trust, MediaSite, SARA, Kenniswijk Eindhoven, Bibliotheek Almere, School voor de Toekomst, Europese Joris Ivens Stichting, Helen Parkhurstcollege, HCO Den Haag, ROC Amerlanden and many others.

Whether it's about forensic video and forensic audio; about watermarking, fingerprints, biometric systems, about surveillance video browsing, or about encryption, if you are the professional in the field, DFC EU can offer special services.
Identification required.

DRights BV is the company that can handle all the rights-issues for the DFC EU clients.
The copyright management of your materials becomes of interest when focusing on exploitation of film materials in the digital domain.
Exploitation does generate extra financial streams for archives, collections and rights-owners.
The installation and assessment of subscriber management systems, contact with collecting societies, standard contracts for special purposes, vision upon watermarking technology, tattoos, encryption, deciphering, network security, methods to prevent copyright infringement, all items and more are services that can be expected from the DRights B.V. specialists.

To search for collections, images, copyrights and exploitation models, contracts and specific solutions in the copyright area, do not hesitate to contact DRights B.V.

The development of the information and communication technologies (ICT) has a huge impact on the existing legal systems.
Divergence effects of different jurisprudence in sovereign countries on the Western hemisphere often overshadow convergence of industries.
The position of copyright-owners is strictly protected in most jurisdictions and the position of owners of the original material is safeguarded. Multi-media producers and all other players in the digital domain can invoke legal consultancy services enabling them to assess IPR situations, identify right holders and provide clearance or licensing of copyrights.
The content management system of DFC offers solid opportunities.

Please contact: info@digfilm.nl

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