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Digital Products Portfolio

Beeldbibliotheek The Moving Image Cyclopaedia

The Moving Image Cyclopaedia, translated from the Dutch title: 'Beeldbibliotheek', is an educational multimedia product, developed by Digital Film Center. It is designed specifically for libraries, providing access to a wealth of audiovisual documentary, linked with contextual informations and books, available in local libraries.The application can be distributed best via LAN-, WAN broadband environments, given the high quality of the moving image materials.

The Moving Image Cyclopaedia is successfully introduced in the Netherlands, in the City of Almere, in the library and the Helen Parkhurst College and in cities such as Arnhem, The Hague, ‘s Hertogenbosch, and Amersfoort. The next city in Europe will be in Germany, in the city of Düsseldorf (NordRheinland Westfalen).

The Corporate Profiles Collection

DFC built a collection of more than 500 films on Corporate Presentations.
The collection represents the view of Corporates on their history, their financial presence en their future.
Big maps give access to special interest fields and comparisons between USA, Europe and Asia.
The database is of great interest to economy studies, because it brings new insight in business that covers more than 75% of the world’s economic activities.

On special request DFC will deliver advise on corporate presentation in several branches to produce a visual for you, that can match with the best in the world.
Our experience in film and DVD production, interaction and corporate projects can be an instrument to an effective visual presentation of your organisation as well.

Content Management Systems
Digital Film Center offers content management systems tailored to the company’s needs. A content management system separates input tasks (such as text and up to date information) from lay-out tasks and design. The CMS manages it in such a way that the assembled presentation to be published via the Internet or the Intranet is coherent and consistent, even if the multimedia components come from different stations.
As DAV production house, DFC can supply and add content such as moving image to the site as well as to enhance the attraction value. Having a broad experience in corporate communications, DFC offers a system that is flexible, cost effective and versatile.

Want to know more about DFC’s digital products?
Contact: info@digfilm.nl

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